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Starting with a idea and a drawing,  a design is made and transferred to the computer for a print to burn onto a screen for silkscreening.  

Then the first part of the magic begins with a special ink (called discharge printing) that is silkscreened onto the shirt in white ink only.  The discharge removes the black dye from the shirt and leaves a white base to airbrush onto. (the 2nd magical part).

The color is airbrushed onto the garment with transparent ink.

Shadowing is added creating a 3 dimensional look that makes the design virtually "pop off" the shirt!  

The water based ink has virtually no hand to it (no thick ink plastic like feel).  Its like nothing is there until you open your eyes.  Soft and flexible but durable, machine washable and long lasting.


All work is cured (heat set) and ready to worn for years of enjoyment.

Wash in cold and hang to dry is best.  

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