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Where do you get all these killer designs?

  Pam Wood is the artist and designer for CandyRags.

What kind of shirts are you using?

  100% cotton on the t-shirts and 80/20 blend on hoodies. 


I ordered a shirt, when will I get it?

  Since these designs on the shirts are handmade, your order will be delivered within 2 weeks or sooner depending on inventory.  Candyrags promises to get your awesome garment into your hands as soon as humanly possible.  100% satisfaction guaranteed. 

What do these shirts feel like?

  CandyRags uses waterbased ink so the feel on the shirts is soft and pliable.  You can barely feel the print at all.

Can you wash these in the machine?

  Absolutely, cold water wash and line dry is best.  (the dryer is the enemy of all clothes)


How do you get such brilliant and vivid color?

  Thats the airbrush magic!  The ink is transparent and vibrant.  Working on a white base is the key.

Why do some of the shirts look slightly different from another of the same design?

  Each CandyRags shirt is airbrushed individually so some variation is inevitable, which makes them that much more unique, just like you!

How long will the prints last?

  You will have many years of enjoyment with a Candyrags shirt with proper care.  The print will last longer then the shirt.  Expect a normal life span of a T-shirt.  The better care you take, the longer the shirt will last!

What does "DON'T BE THE SHEEP" mean?

Freedom of choice.  Be a leader and stand out from crowd.  

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